Today, You Can Download Unlock Your Money Box – A Simple & Effective Process To Help You Find & Release Your Money Blocks and Shatter Your Invisible Income Ceiling 

Dear soul driven entrepreneur, coach, healer, 

Nathalie here.

Do you ever want to make more money consistently, but no matter what you do, you just can’t get through to the next income bracket?

Are you ever confused seeing your peers hit it out of their park with their marketing, while you have no idea what you’re doing wrong?

Do you ever drop your prices because you just don’t know when your next sale is going to come from?

Break through your money blocks and shatter that Invisible Income Ceiling. 

No more sitting back and watching your peers get all the success while you wonder if you’ll ever get to live up to your FULL potential.

No more hoping that one day you’ll make enough money to support yourself doing YOUR purpose.

And no more being so desperate that you unconsciously repel clients.

It's your time ... 

Just imagine getting through TO your next income bracket. 

What would do that do for you? 

Would you buy a new car, write a book, take a vacation, eat organic, etc.? 

What would it mean to you know that you’re LIVING your purpose instead of just trying to make a living. 

You’d finally let go of the money STRESS and get back to being of service and fulfilling your purpose. 

... And more than that, you’ll know how to break through to the next income bracket every time you find yourself making less than what you want. 

So what’s possible?

I’ve spent a ton of training on marketing, Facebook ads and the ONLY time I made money was when my energy was in alignment.

I’ve also helped my clients bust through anything from $3K months to $100K months.

You can break Through and Make more Money Consistently ... 

But none of that is possible if you don’t clear your energy.

You must clear your money blocks and raise the bar on the income ceiling.

Truth be told, you can hustle, work hard, do what the GURU’s tell you and do pretty well, but you’ll always be chasing your success unless you align your energy.

You need to know it’s entirely possible to clear your money blocks, align your energy and reach your goals.

This is How ... 
You Need 4 Simple Steps To Clear Your Money Blocks And Shatter YOUR Current Income Ceiling.
Module #1 - Start Where You are!
I know something about NOT making enough money and not having a clue about how to resolve that. 

Two and half years into my business, I couldn’t take it anymore.
Instead of loving my business, I hated everything about it, including the constant sacrifice.

I’d spent more than $100K on training and I still wasn’t making money consistently and stress took it’s toll not to mention that my confidence was down in the toilet.

I couldn’t hear myself think.

And then I burned out and reached my breaking point … 

No more HUSTLE.  

Something funny happened as I started to look for a job...

I got clarity, perspective, and renewed commitment to this business. As I let go of the stress, I also started to receive more inspired action ... 

... and I started to believe in myself again. 

Up until that point, I knew that was possible because that’s what I did for my clients, but now I knew what it took to get my own energy in state.

And now I have a business helping soulful entrepreneurs find their confidence & voice so that they too can make more money, make a bigger impact and create a life they love. You don’t have to give up everything to follow your PURPOSE.

This is the exact process I use a month and the same process my clients PAY me thousands to take them through.

What’s your purpose? What would you do if you weren’t driven by money?

It’s time for you to start making more money so you can have a bigger impact.

But first, you need to make PEACE with where you are. You can’t change what you hate.

In Module #1, you’ll ... 

  •  Identify your current income ceiling (it’s not necessary what you think)  
  •  Release the shame & guilt that keeps you beating yourself, so you can start creating something new.
It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to generate your first $1K or if you want to generate your first $1M month.

The process to clearing your money blocks and shattering your glass ceiling is the same.

Module #2 - Make Room For More Money 
What stops you from having more clients & money consistently?

How much you make and keep is determined by your internal set point.

It’s like a MONEY thermostat that determines what you are worthy & deserving of receiving and keeping.

It’s totally determined by your unconscious programs.

It's your unconscious programs that dictate which actions you take, which actions you don't, and how much money you receive. 

THE ONLY way to change that set point is to find & remove the limiting beliefs that lie in your unconscious.

The money you desire is out in the Universe, but it’s lock because of your unconscious programs.
This module is raising your internal set point so you can unlock the money box ... 

... and open the door to receiving MORE money. 

More clients. More Money. More impact. More LIVING. 

In this module …

We’ll be finding & removing the limiting beliefs to raise your internal set point so you can receive more money, more clients and create a bigger impact.

When you do this, you’re giving yourself the chance to LIVE up to your FULL potential.

Module #3 - Unlock the Money Box 
When it comes to setting MONEY goals, most people get it wrong.

Either they don’t set one OR(that is VERY common) or they pick a money goal that is TOTALLY unbelievable.

$10K months might very well be your goal, but when you’ve never had a $1K month, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you event get started.  

You need to pick that’s believable to you and grow it over time. It also should be a bit of a stretch FOR YOU, but still in the believable zone.

In this module …

You’ll learn how to PICK the money goal that’s right for you. It doesn't matter what the RESET off the world is doing.

Next, you’ll undergo a process to get in alignment with that new goal.

How long will it take for you to reach that goal?

I don’t know.

I know that it’s entirely possible, but I can’t know that (no one can).

I also know is that without reprogramming, the process of reaching your next goal is going to be HARD and feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again.

Module #4 - Get on the Success Path 
Some people I know ONLY clear their blocks and never take any sort of action …
... It boggles my mind.

It’s possible that a million dollars will fall on your lap overnight, but it’s unlikely.

So if you’re not following through with inspired action, don’t be surprised that you’re not getting the results you want.

Also you’ll need to manage your energy & vibration as you grow your business.

In this module you'll learn ... 

  •  How to Manage your Mindset With a Quick Daily Ritual 
  •   How to Ask for & receive inspired action from the universe 
  •  How to know if the impulses and desires are truly coming from Source
  •  How to crush the doubt and replace with trust, faith and confidence 

 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ... 

If within 30 days of receiving your product, you have checked it  out, and have tried it, and you're not seeing a difference then I do not want your money.   

All I ask is that you send an email to and tell me how about your 
experience and how I can improve. I will happily refund issue a  refund.

Rocky Callen - Author & Book Coach

Investing in ongoing 1:1 with Nathalie was one of the best investments I have made in my life.
She goes deeper faster than anyone I have ever met and blocks that have crippled me for years were unearthed, healed, and allowed me to move forward.
I went from a constant state of anxiety to a deep calm and peace I went from having my dreams riddled with self doubt to feeling overwhelmingly confident about the inevitability of my every desire.
In just four weeks, I shifted my mindset, changed up my game plan, healed important relationships, and quadrupled my business income. 

Amy J -

"I just did Nathalie Guerin's meditation on money blocks and expectations around clients and money etc...- and immediately following that,
I have THREE clients contact me for booking. HAH! Too funny.

What else have I been limiting myself from experiencing? Bring it on! I'm ready!

Sarah G.

" I didn't really know what the process would be or outcome to expect. So it was kind of taking a leap and trusting it will work out. I already had the basis of law of attraction stuff but I needed some tools to figure out why I couldn't stay vibrating at a high-level and maintain achievements.

Wasn't sure you were the right person but I figured it would only know by trying it out.
For me, I learned that once we cleared the blocks and released them, results happened pretty immediately.  

Most recently during the cash challenge I manifested $19,000. That was pretty unexpected.  

Thank you " 
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