Kick Start Your Best Life  
A 3-part video training that will help you ... 
Discover How to Boost your confidence & Motivation so you can start living your DREAMS and your PURPOSE Today!
You can get the confidence & motivation you need to start living your dreams and your PURPOSE TODAY. Order Kick Start Your Best Life Formula to get started today. 
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Today, You can Download The Kick Start Your Best Life Formula. 

 A 3-part video training teaching you how to Get The Confidence & Motivation You Need To Start Living Your Dreams And Your PURPOSE TODAY. 
Did you know can start living your dreams and your purpose TODAY by learning how to boost your confidence & motivation? 

Do you ever wonder why you feel trapped by your life and nothing ever changes? 

Here's the secret... Confidence! 

Let me explain: 

You know that something needs to change and you might even have a good idea about what you want to do to change it, but you're terrified of acting. 

Why? Self-doubt. 

Honestly self-doubt is just fear.  Fear that you're not good enough.  Fear that you'll disappoint the people you love if you actually change your life. Fear that you'll fall flat on your face. 

It's not only zapped your confidence, it's kept you stuck in your life FOREVER.   

If you don't heal your confidence and start taking action TODAY, nothing will change. You'll stay stuck until you retire and you'll never live up to your true potential. 

The big question on my clients minds can I get unstuck and start living the LIFE I was born to live? 

Many clients come to knowing that they want MORE meaning, fulfillment and joy, but they feel so trapped and miserable by their own life that they are stuck in inaction. Honestly they just want to be cracked open like an rise and rise into purpose, passion and happiness. 

I've been working  with women to help them unleash their FULL potential for the last 8 years. And having worked through my own struggles, I've found that it all boils down to confidence and ACTION. 

If you don't believe in yourself, you'll totally self-sabotage and will never live up to your potential.  It doesn't matter how smart, educated or hard-working you are.   If you don't take small action steps even if the FACE of doubt, you'll never get the results you want. 

It took me years and thousands of dollars in workshops and therapy to get the confidence to start living my DREAMS and my true purpose, but now I have finally perfected the Kick Start Your Best Life Formula and want to share my years of expertise with you. 
Now, you can kick start your life, you purpose and your DREAMS today. 

Inside the Kick Your Start Your Best Life formula, you'll find 3 modules of in-dept video training to change your life. 
Here's what you're going to get in Kick Start Your Best Life. 
Module #1 - Dream with Confidence

In this module, you'll be learning how to uncover your true heart's desires and your purpose so you can start living your best life. 

Most people never get clear about their dream life and never commit, which is why 99% of all people never change their life. 

When you lack clarity, your inner fears will dominate and it will zap your confidence. You'll think you're not good enough, you'll feel like a fraud and your EGO will keep you safely inside your box. 

When you get clarity, you get a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. You'll get up in the morning excited about your life. 

In this module you will ... 
  •  Discover the 4 steps of the Kick Start Your Best Life Formula Formula so you can start living up to your potential TODAY.
  •  Learn the secrets to unlocking your confidence and taking action on your dreams and your purpose even when you're feeling like a fraud. 
  •  Discover how to stop pushing down your desires and unlock the bigger vision for you life even if you've been denying yourself your whole life. 
  •  Get clear on your 90-day goals and flip the commitment switch so you can finally get some traction in your life.   

Step #2 - Crush Doubt & Unleash Trust

Doubt is a dream killer. 

You have to believe in something even when you don't know how or when or if it will ever happen. 

The problem is that most people never go FULLY in. 

 As a result, they are half-in their dream, which creates a massive amount of resistance. 

Clearing the resistance and believing in yourself and the Universe isn't that hard, but you have to know how. 

That's what you'll learn how to do in this module. 

In this module, you will  ... 

  • Discover the #1 lie that people will tell you about confidence and how to fix it.
  •  Learn how to crush the doubt and believe in yourself and the universe even when you don't.    
  •  Discover how to eliminate the impostor syndrome so you can take action and receive what you desire.

 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ... 

If within 30 days of receiving your product, you have checked it  out, have tried it, and you're not seeing a difference then ask for a refund. 

All I ask is that you send an email to and tell me about your 
experience and how I can improve. I will happily issue a  refund.
Step #3 - Get Into Action & Stay on Track
It's time to get into action. 

Without action, you'll only ever be a dreamer and you'll never live your dreams let alone live a life on purpose. 

In other words, it's time to get in the game and change your life. Now this step will be fun, but it won't be necessarily be easy. You'll have to stretch yourself way out of your comfort zone.  

But the rewards are worth it, don't you think? 

In this module, you will... 

  •  The do's and don'ts of planning so you don't get stuck in analysis paralysis.
  •  How to tap into your divine guidance and figure out the "best" action for YOU. 
  •  How to boost your confidence and take action even when you don't feel ready or are terrified. 
  •  An easy mindset practice o implement in your life to make sure you stay on track.  
  •   What to do when you're taking action and you're not getting the results you want. 
Today, you can grab a copy for a one-time payment of $47
The Ultimate Cost of Inaction
I do guarantee a COI, The Cost of Inaction.
If you don't take action it could cost you:

  •  Money:  If you have a dream of doing what you love and getting paid, you're leaving thousands on the table. Ditto if you're already a coach & healer and don't know how to find your niche. 
  •  Fulfillment: Knowing that you got to the end of your life and didn't do the thing you are destined to do. To me, that could be one of life's biggest failures. 
  •  Impact: How many people in the world would suffer and not be impacted because you decide to not make the full difference you are capable of? I believe it's our responsibility to make a difference.

 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ... 

If within 30 days of receiving your product, you have checked it out, have tried it, and you're not seeing a difference then ask for a refund.

All I ask is that you send an email to and tell me about your
experience and how I can improve. I will happily issue a refund.

Rocky Callen - Author & Book Coach

Investing in ongoing 1:1 with Nathalie was one of the best investments I have made in my life.
She goes deeper faster than anyone I have ever met and blocks that have crippled me for years were unearthed, healed, and allowed me to move forward.
I went from a constant state of anxiety to a deep calm and peace I went from having my dreams riddled with self doubt to feeling overwhelmingly confident about the inevitability of my every desire.
In just four weeks, I shifted my mindset, changed up my game plan, healed important relationships, and quadrupled my business income. 

Anna Frolik 

Nathalie's course "Unlock the Money Box" came to me at the perfect time. I felt I needed to do a different kind of mindset work to clear my path to my next level, and I absolutely loved Nathalie's approach, covering not just the mindset pieces, but working on an energetic and Source level as well.

As a highly sensitive person, I'm rather picky when it comes to letting other people touch my energy, and I can say that while listening to Nathalie's recordings, I could really feel my energy being lifted and my mind being freed from the illusion of separation.
Since going through her course, I've received quite a few amazing manifestations. Including a brand new offer that my business partner and I are super excited about launching, an opportunity to write for a magazine that's perfectly targeted to my niche, and an overall sense of feeling more free and joyful in my business. And yes, it's only been about a week since I finished the course! I highly recommend Nathalie's work to anyone who's ready to invite more abundance into their life and business while feeling happier, more fulfilled, and at peace in all ways.

Sarah G.

" I didn't really know what the process would be or outcome to expect. So it was kind of taking a leap and trusting it will work out. I already had the basis of law of attraction stuff but I needed some tools to figure out why I couldn't stay vibrating at a high-level and maintain achievements.

Wasn't sure you were the right person but I figured it would only know by trying it out.
For me, I learned that once we cleared the blocks and released them, results happened pretty immediately.  

Most recently during the cash challenge I manifested $19,000. That was pretty unexpected.  

Thank you " 
$197  PURCHASE NOW  $47
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